Taizé Weekend

March 14–15, 2020

From 2 - 3:15, these six workshops will be offered. Choose one.

1. Living in the Space Between Welcome and Rejection
    An Immigrant's Story

In this presentation participants will hear the moving story of an Immigrant who fled to the United States for safety and has struggled to find the path out of the shadows. Participants will come to a greater understanding and appreciation for those who are walking through "No Man's Land" and living between fear and hope.


2. Connecting for Life and Wholeness

In this workshop, participants will explore creative ways to make surprising human connections. En Inglés y Español


  Leader: After 10 years of work in the

  international non-profit sector, as

  founder of Into Your Hands-Africa,

  Maria Rosa Galter is a core-owner of

  Walk2Connect - Caminar Para

  Connectar, and is founder of Walking

  Inspiritus. Passionate about walking

  as a way to connect with others.

  Maria is fluent in both English 

  and Spanish.


3. Hospitality: How a Local Campus Ministry Practices Kindness and Advocacy to Welcome Their Neighbor

Come hear how a new campus ministry on an urban commuter campus creates safe space for people of color, immigrants or children of immigrants, and students from all walks of life. Auraria Campus Ministry was born out of the need for sacred place to cultivate authentic community and to empower young adults; also, given that this campus ministry's denomination, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), is more than 90% white, Auraria Campus Ministry was also created to spark meaningful dialogue on the intersection of race and faith. Auraria Campus Ministry is unique in that it is one of the only queer-affirming student ministries on campus. Join us at this workshop if you're curious about how faith groups welcome millenials or folx who don't always feel like they fit in. There's space for you here!

  Leader: Ihoby (pronounced "you-
 is a candidate for word and
  service ministry in the Evangelical

  Lutheran Church in America (ELCA);

  she serves at Holy Trinity Lutheran

  Church in Littleton, CO as a youth

  director and Auraria Campus Ministry

  in Denver as a campus minister. This

  soon-to-be deacon hails from
  Madagascar, Cameroon, and South

  Dakota. Ihoby loves tacos and the

  Calvin and Hobbes series. 



4. Praying through liminality while fostering communitas, identity and belonging: personal shrines and altarcitos.


This workshop focuses on the ancient spiritual practice of altarcitos, their relevance for displaced or marginalized peoples and the perfect vehicle for celebrating different narratives about life, death and belonging. In Spanish; en Español


Leader: Fernando Álvarez Lara is a

  Jesuit priest of the U.S. West Province

  of the Society of Jesus. Father

  Fernando has a thorough

  background in a broad spectrum of

  cultures and apostolic settings. He is

  assistant professor of Religious Studies

  at Regis University, loves calligraphy

  and is fluent in English and Spanish.





5. Intentional Community: What does it mean to belong


A former Urban Servant Corps volunteer shared, "In a time and place where we are becoming increasingly isolated by the same technologies which theoretically connect us, there is a yearning to actually connect to other people in a real, human way. To connect to one another in a way which is counter to the culture which seeks to commodify everything, including our relationships. To connect to one another in a way which feels like we are participating in the life of God, who comes to us as community." This workshop will unpack the thoughts within this reflection and discuss what it means to belong to one another as God's people.


  Leader: Krista Kilgus has served as

  Executive Director of Urban Servant

  Corps (USC) for 10 years. She came to

  know and love USC by participating in

  the program after graduating from

  Wartburg College in 2003. She

  continues to be inspired by the

  dedication of young adults who

  respond to the needs of our neighbors

  while engaging their faith and relying

  on intentional community members for support on their journeys. Krista is proud and blessed to be a spouse to  Adam and mother to Martin (4) and Arthur (1.5) who offer her a sense of  great belonging!


6. Opening to the Spirit through Song


The sung prayer of Taizé and the African American Spirituals tradition share many affinities; participation more than performance, mantra-like repetition, a whole-body resonance, shared community story, and a deep celebration of God’s grace. This workshop focuses on the experience of sung prayer in unique cultural contexts.



  Musician, author, and Regis University

  theology professor Chris Pramuk

  shares the story of being welcomed as

  a "stranger" into the African American

  spirituals tradition, and will lead

  participants in an exercise of "building

 a vocal community."







  Brad Berglund has been leading a

  regular Taizé-style prayer at The

  Threshold in Denver for 25 years and

  has visited the Taizé community in

  France many times. A classical

  guitarist, pastor, and pilgrimage guide,

  Brad serves as the coordinator of this