Taizé Weekend

March 14–15, 2020

A Pilgrimage of Trust

In an increasingly fragmented world, people are asking

Who is my neighbor?
Is reconciliation possible?
Is community a dream?

Join Brothers Emile and John from the Taizé community as they share in the dialogue and spiritual practice that is the heart of the community's home in France.

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Yesterday I picked up the brothers at the airport and we’ve been discussing the latest challenges. As you know, the situation with the global outbreak is changing rapidly. I also met yesterday with our colleagues at Regis. We have made a decision to modify our brother’s weekend event and change venues. Sadly, the new schedule means there will be no formal workshops and we will not be at Regis University. We will now meet in the Sanctuary of Calvary Baptist Church at Hampden and Monaco Saturday from 9am – 12:30pm. The new Saturday schedule includes one Taize-style prayer session, a presentation by the brothers and conversation, which will include input by our panel participants and workshop leaders, if they so choose.

At this point, the Sunday evening 5pm prayer with the brothers at Calvary will still take place.  

Our decision was prompted today by a genuine concern for the health and well-being of our participants. As you know, the president declared the cancellation of European flights and the World Health Organization has asked everyone to take necessary measures to curtail the spread of this virus. We feel it’s important for us to respond in a responsible manner and also to recognize the extraordinary opportunity we have to meet with two Taize brothers at this time of uncertainty and fear. They bring a much-needed perspective.

So, BYOHS (bring your own hand sanitizer), sit apart from each other, don’t embrace, and if you are feeling sick or are in a vulnerable group, please stay home.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Brad Berglund
Taize weekend coordinator

Revised Schedule

Saturday, March 14, 2020 
A Morning for Discussion and Discernment

The Sanctuary of Calvary Baptist Church,
6500 E. Girard Ave., (E. Hampden and S. Monaco),
Denver, CO 80224

9am — Community morning prayer in the Sanctuary
10am — Group gathering with the Brothers
11:15am — Conversation with the brothers including panelists and workshop leaders
12:30 — Dismissal

Sunday, March 15, 2020
Evening Prayer with the Brothers

The Sanctuary of Calvary Baptist Church,
6500 E. Girard Ave., (E. Hampden and S. Monaco),
Denver, CO 80224

4:45 pm—Personal Silence begins
5 pm—Sung prayer begins
6 pm—Question and Answer with the Brothers


For More Information
Brad Berglund 720.489.8073

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